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Saturday, July 31, 2010 @ 10:42:00 PM

hello people.
i went missing for a few days on purpose.
never intended to blog for the past few days,
though i have the time.
there's not many valid reasons for me to blog actually,
cos nothing special took place throughout the whole week,
and i've been doing the same old thing for the whole day.
so practically, yeah, i don't want to spam my blog with the same post day after day.
i'm currently in Bukit Damansara, PJ.
my uncle's new place.
just hopping here for a day two.
prayers tomorrow for my grandma, for her 1 year death anniversary.
my uncle just shifted over to this new house in Bukit Damansara two weeks ago.
so i'm new here, so is everyone in the family.
honestly, i was kinda let down when i step into the house.
perhaps, what i expected for could only take place in my dream.
okie. this new house is beautiful, and design wise, it's much way better compared to the previous one.
one thing which i don't really like is the compound area.
the space is quite limited, so are the rooms.
i have my own personal room over here.
that will be the room which i will be staying for 6 months during my internship.
i'm so looking forward to start working.
it's gonna be a real good experience.
nothing much to update at the moment.
so catch up with me sooner rather than later!
cheers =)

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Tuesday, July 27, 2010 @ 12:10:00 AM

it's Monday.
a day where i am free from classes for the week.
but it's different for this whole week.
cos i'm on my one and only one week of midterm break.
yeah babe.
pity those foundation students.
classes as usual for them.
i'm shaking my leg at home, staring at the 4 walls in front of me wondering what to do.
this is so pathetic.
life without holidays are terrible,
but life with holidays can make you go mad.
i've got to admit that i'm kind of weird,
in terms of making use of my sleeping time.
when it comes to schooling days,
my brain tend to auto shut when the clock strikes 2am.
and definitely i will be bugging not to wake up every morning when my alarm rings.
today was totally different.
i slept at 5am this morning.
for goodness sake, i rolled on my bed and i couldn't find my sleeping switch.
that was disastrous.
suppose to be up by 12,
eventually, i'm got up automatically 5 minutes earlier.
it's so different.
is my brain functioning well?
i'm suppose to have like extra x3 sleep to cover up,
and it's not happening.

spent the whole afternoon playing futsal today.
apparently, that's the only way to make myself tired
so that i can easily fall asleep at night.
honestly speaking, i'm so energetic right at the moment.
gonna be a long long night for me.
had an awesome time yum cha with friends just now.
thought it was suppose to be me, Andre and Nicholas only.
5 additional fellas joined up.
3 of them are Nicholas colleague,
my seniors as well, and i knew them.
i knew them way back to secondary school time,
it's been years since i last saw them.
had a great chat and some laughter together.
met this new guy, still can't remember his name.
he is effing huge. blardy taller than mr Siraj.
i'm like a lil pony if i stand next to him.
joker and i love the way he talks.
it feels great to talk to such person, especially if you're down with a bad mood.
hopefully, there's more yum chas together.


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Monday, July 26, 2010 @ 12:57:00 AM

i can finally put a full stop on my midterm exams,
at least for the moment.
Friday was my last paper.
although it didn't went perfectly well for me,
i ain't gonna think more about what is gone.
i've started my holiday on Friday night.
went out to celebrate bestie Thye Wey's 22nd birthday.
first time stepping into Dynasty Cafe.
nice place to hang out, but guess that would be my first and last.
beverages are cheap but it's kinda tasteless.
in fact, i rather pay more for a better drink.

relative from mum's side came down for a weekend in Malacca.
mainly to celebrate cousin Wennie's birthday.
ain't sure how old is she now, but she's old enough to get married.
yeah, she's officially married,
as in paper,
but not wedding ceremony yet.
spent the whole weekend on food and food and food.
yummy food all around Malacca.
to me, it's normal, cos i've been eating them frequently,
but somehow, eating with them is just different.
we had Nyonya food for dinner, Satay celup and Oyster for supper.
heavy supper in fact.
and yeah, not forgetting the birthday cake right after supper.
so it was a pack makan day yesterday.
today was slightly different.
a pretty shorter day compared to yesterday.
by the way, baby Ashton is so effing cute!!
and he put on weight too.


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Sunday, July 25, 2010 @ 1:03:00 AM

this was suppose to be a post on the 20th of July 2010.
since that i was busy with my exams preparation,
i have got to postpone everything.
i actually postponed my celebration with babe for our 1 1/2 year anniversary.
but before that,
to my dearest Pinky!!
so sorry that i got to postpone our celebration.
promise to celebrate as soon as possible.
exams always fall on the wrong time.
definitely it will cause much havoc for me.
still deciding where to celebrate,
and i'm yet to do a card for babe.
it's all still pending.
thank goodness at least i gave the present to her,
although it was late for a few days.
so sorry for the lateness.
too bad, i can't divide myself into two,
especially during exam periods.
it's killing!!
anyhow, we will get it all done together, come this week.
cheers babe.
love ya always -xoxo


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Saturday, July 24, 2010 @ 1:18:00 PM

hi peeps.
i'm back to my blogging world.
went missing for 2 weeks in total.
as usual, the moment when i disappear myself from everything,
that's the time when i'm facing exams.
even Andre was complaining to me yesterday that we have not meet up for bout two weeks.
honestly i admit,
the past 2 weeks was like so stressful for me.
it was only my midterm examinations, yet i studied like i'm studying for my finals.
wonder why this time round i'm just so hardworking.
almost spent all nights in MCD studying.
i remembered only studying in MCD, that's only during my finals.
usually study midterms at home.
seems like i'm really putting a lot of effort for my last semester.
4 papers down, left 1.
out of the 4 papers,
none of them that i felt confidence with.
each and every paper, definitely there's silly mistakes.
just can't avoid myself from repeating my silly mistakes.
it's kind of sad actually.
spent all night long studying, and not having sufficient amount of sleep,
yet i didn't do well.
finals gonna be another disaster.
final draft - 3 papers in 2 days.
it's 3 core papers. seriously can kill my tiny lil brain.
midterm itself i felt so stressful.
what more about final.
MMU simply just wanna kill us.
or maybe they want to retain us from graduating.
let the future reside on its own.
today is officially my midterm break.
gonna spend my 1 week break wisely.
and get my beauty sleep =)


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Saturday, July 10, 2010 @ 4:11:00 PM

my torturing weekend.
woke up this morning, not knowing what time it was.
in my thought it would have been 11 or 12pm,
cos i went to bed late last night,
so it wouldn't be a surprise if i wake up late today.
after washing up, checking my phone only then i realized it was only 10am.
it's early for me indeed.
no futsal but still i have other tasks to do.
got to revise my AIS, at least 3 chapters today.
but before even i started studying,
i finished up the Mysteries of Love drama.
watched 3 episodes back to back,
only then i had my brunch and start my revision.

guess what?
the rascal rat that has been slacking around lately in everybody's house,
i mean mine and my neighbors,
finally got caught.
due to it's greediness,
it got into the trap and now it's stuck in the cage.
i'm luvin it!! =)
it has been such a dreadful week with the rat making so much havoc and noise all over the place.
now it's all relief.
no more worries.
eventually, i put the rat under the sun in my car porch.
happened as what i thought,
neighbor's cats came to pay the tiny rat a visit.
two cats came, taking time to watch an eye on the rat.
it's pay back time!!
i didn't abuse it, but just having some fun with it.

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@ 12:13:00 AM

it was double birthday celebration on Monday and Tuesday.
firstly on Monday it was Sharen's birthday celebration.
only the 6 of us went for the celebration including the birthday girl itself.
had dinner at Stonegrill @ JJ.
food wasn't that good but the time we spent together was so precious.
it's a real memorable time together.
in fact, before this outing together,
i can't really remember when was the last time that we all gathered together,
spending time doing some insane stuff.
we did some crazy stuff after dinner.
went to Jusco to buy a bucket of ice cream.
had the ice cream but there isn't any spoon around.
guess what?
Sharen, Christine and I went on to search for spoon.
Sharen took 1 from Baskin,
only me and Christine ended up getting spoons from KFC.
we just walk in and ask for it, then off we go.
damn funny lar.
seriously the last time i did such nut stuff was like years ago.
it really brings a lil memory back.
somehow, i will not regret having such crazy friends, cos they are the one who i had lots of memory with.
friends that i will always cherish.

comes Tuesday, we went to Wings Cafe to celebrate dearest Elaine Aw birthday.
it was her 21st birthday, but also her 4th birthday celebration.
so coincidentally, it's also her 2nd time celebrating at Wings this year.
as usual, food wasn't that good,
but it's still fun cos it was suppose to be a gathering too.
seems like me, babe, Elaine, Ay Shuen and Jeffrey are now a group of one.
always hanging out together for movie and so on.
great to have another bunch of good friends.
i didn't join them till late night cos i went for futsal match with coursemates.
a friend of ours challenge us for a futsal match,
and ended up they got bashed up badly.
surprisingly i was super on form that day.
just can't imagine how many goals i scored the other day.
it was a perfect day.

had been catching up with HK dramas lately.
everyone's like finished watching the Mysteries of Love weeks ago.
and i'm only watching it half way at the moment.
gonna try finish it up by this weekend,
so that i can start my revision for my midterm exams next week.
supposedly gonna start studying only next Monday,
but all the subjects i taking this semester seems freaking tough.
gonna have a big headache this time round.
it's like i totally don't understand much bout the syllabus.
and at the same time, when i'm so busy with stuff,
there's definitely good movies out in the market.
as usual, i got to delay my movie again.
always can't catch the premier for good movies.
hate it lar.
let's hope my weekend ends on a high note.
3rd/4th placing on Saturday and Final on Sunday.
gonna really enjoy the final 2 matches before i can catch any football matches only after 6 weeks from this weekend.
that's gonna be long.
time seriously flies.
World Cup is coming to an end.
i don't want it to end like that.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010 @ 2:39:00 AM

will update my blog soon.
once i've transferred all the pictures.
catch up soon.


BY2 @ MP
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Sunday, July 4, 2010 @ 5:11:00 PM

long waited day has finally arrive.
have been hoping for By2 to pay a visit down to Malacca,
not least Malaysia for a concert.
it really happens.
By2 in Mahkota Parade, Malacca on the 4/7/2010 @ 12pm.
i was there.
they are here to promote their new album,
2nd album if i'm not mistaken, named "Grown Up".
and yeah, they have grown up,
in terms of everthing.
every single thing you can notice.
woke up extremely early on a Sunday,
just for the purpose of seeing them.
was there half an hour earlier.
the crowd wasn't that big yet at that time, so me and babe managed to stand quite near to the stage.
it would be a great view from there.
waited and waited and waited.
as usual, stars will never be on time.
and so, they delayed half an hour,
as a sum, we waited for an hour sharp.
always got to wait for them.
at times it's freaking frustrated.
thank god they are worth waiting.
previous night i saw glimpse of their pictures when they were in Gurney Plaza.
dressings are off. ugly!
today's dressing are way more better, suits their style.
and they are hot in it.
of course in person, they are not that pretty compared to their pictures,
but still acceptable.
they still possess the hot look.
really worth all the wait and waking up early.
didn't really took a lot of pictures,
after screening them, find 3/4 of them are acceptable.
just check out the photos.
you will be thrill with it.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010 @ 11:54:00 PM

can you actually believe it.
the big guns are out.
first was Brazil, who lost out to Hollands by a 2-1 results,
where Felipe Melo scored an own goal before harshly got a red card himself after stomping on Arjen Robben.
so it was a real devastating night for the Brazilians,
who was one of the favorites to win the World Cup for the 6th time.
tonight, we saw how the Germans dominated the game,
and crashing Argentina to a 4 goals to nil demolition.
another major upset.
who would have thought that both Brazil and Argentina will crash out even before stepping into the semis?
now it seems that the Germans have proof to all nations that they are not to be left behind.
they showed a true class of football
after winning 3 games with 4 goals scoreline.
there's not Brazil and there's no Argentina,
will the semis ever be anymore interesting?
i doubt so actually.
Spain is a good team, playing nice football, but they aren't scoring much goals.
i wonder if they can overcome the young Germans on Wednesday.
please don't disappoint again.

nothing much to update in fact.
it's the same old Saturday,
futsal in the morning,
and a long nap in the afternoon.
so that's it for my Saturday.

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Friday, July 2, 2010 @ 5:12:00 PM

it's my Grandpa's 1 year death anniversary.
went down south to Johor for prayers.
almost everyone attended the prayers except for
my dad, and one of my auntie.
realized that only times like this,
prayers and celebrations can bring family unite together.
it's great to catch up with cousins after not meeting each other for some time.
if it's not cos of my last visit back to Klang, i guess the last time i meet them was this year's Chinese New Year.
it's been a real long time ago we last share stories together.
catching up with them really brings a lot of joy.
i had fun down in Johor.
after prayers we stopped by at the road side for durian session.
the durians from the dusun are effing nice.
you can hardly find those in town.
on our way back to Malacca, we dropped by at Yong Peng for lunch.
as usual, Yong Peng is only famous for its 'Yong Tau Fu'.
had that and i spent my whole journey back to Malacca sleeping in the car.
was exhausted although we did nothing much,
but it was pretty due to lack of sleep the night before.
cousins plan to come to Malacca in a fortnight time.
they are eager to eat Malacca's food.
hopefully their plan works and it's gonna be a makan day next next Saturday.
haven't actually been eating Satay celup for quite some time now.
miss it actually.

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@ 12:42:00 AM

it seems to all, even to myself that i'm gonna dump my blog once again,
after abandoning it for days.
you guys are wrong.
i'm back now.
sorry for not updating my blog everyday.
i have no time for it, unless i'm like effing free, sitting down clicking here and there.
busy throughout the whole week.
busy with academic stuff of course.
so much to catch up with,
although i did attend all the classes, except for a few.
especially those 8am class on a rainy day.
that's for sure to be a skipped class.
i've no idea why streamyx line has been so bad lately.
the connection just can't stay stable for at least 5 minutes.
it will automatically disconnect, not once, or twice, but for like more than 10 times in an hour.
it just so distracting that i have to reconnect it again and again.
things got worst when my internet line got cut yesterday,
although mum paid the bill a week earlier.
just don't understand why TM employees are so not efficient.
they are only efficient when it comes to collecting money,
and not customer service.
sigh. this is life in Malaysia,
my beaute home country.

subjects taken for this semester never seems interesting, nor for it being much easier.
having major problems understanding the syllabus at the moment.
even though i attend those lectures and tutorials,
paying my all attention to the lesson,
there are still so many doubts in my head.
someday, even before the finals approaching,
i might have kill my brain for not functioning well.
perhaps maybe its true that some says graduating is easy,
but graduating with great knowledge an awesome results are another matter.
let's hope i just do well, get a good result, and off i go,
into the working life.
again and again you will be listening to me crumbling bout Corporate Accounting II and Advanced Taxation, which i felt both these subjects are killer subjects.

dearest Voon Yik Hui came back to Malacca for a few days trip.
haven't seen him for almost 2 years if i'm not wrong,
ever since he left for Sabah.
he's getting thinner and darker,
just like who i am now.
it's great to see him yesterday.
went out for karaoke at GOGO with mates.
as usual, he's still the crappy guy with lots of non-sensical ideas.
it's funny but at times, it turns out to be annoying.
will upload those pictures we took yesterday later on.
he will be heading back to Sabah later in the morning,
assuming that I will see him again in the next 2 years.
that if he comes back or at least i fly to Sabah for a holiday.

finally i've watched Knight and Day by Cruise + Diaz.
though they are old by now, but they still have hot bodies.
especially Diaz.
good movie, ratings bout at least 7,
due to some parts where i confused myself.
can't wait for Predator.
Predator is finally back,
after the Alien vs Predator movie back in 90's.
saw the trailer today and it don't seems to be any much disappointing.
let us all start hoping.

gonna head down to Johor later in the morning for my
grandfather's 1 year death anniversary prayers.
it means i'm skipping my 1 hour CAII lecture class and i'm missing out the futsal time with coursemates.
i hate it but it's a must to attend the prayers.
it's okie then, family always come first.
as usual, i'm a goodieeee boy.
alright then, that wraps up my week.
more to come for the weeeekends.
nite peeeps.
and oh, BY2 is coming down to Malacca on Sunday.
gonna catch them. n pictassss

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