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Monday, June 28, 2010 @ 12:32:00 AM

it's weekends.
one blog for the entire weekend.
went shopping with babe on Saturday afternoon.
as usual,
got nothing for myself cos i have nothing to buy and i'm freaking cashless at the moment.
spending wisely is my aim for the month.
hopefully comes July, i have at least some cash to spend once PTPTN enters money for us.
even though then, i doubt i will buy anything.
babe got herself a handbag and etc etc etc.
handbag was like so damn cheap,
neither would i believe at the first time we enter the shop.
lucky enough, she like one of the bags there.
her intention of getting tops came faded once we step into Padini,
realizing that there ain't anymore sales there.
too bad.
we actually spent more time window shopping and bla bla bla.
as usual, Saturday is the day where young girls hang out with their friends.
saw a bunch of them, dressing like an adult,
when they are only bout at most 12 - 14 years old.
they don't even have the body shape to dress like an adult.
following footsteps doesn't mean you're able to make yourself pretty.
you got to look at your own capabilities first,
then only choose what to follow.
these kids need a lesson.
so many of them, bossing here and there bout their dressings.
oh my god. can't believe it.

took a few pictures yesterday.
nothing much interesting,
at least i got some pictures which enables me to change my profile picture in
out of so many, this is my fav one.

followed by this one below.

and babe pose like me. =)

as for Sunday,
we went back to Dataran, this time round, heading to Carrefour,
with some much changed aim,
not shopping for clothes or bags or shoes.
we are searching for Wardrobe.
babe's wardrobe's life span came to an end last night.
it seems that even if the old one got repaired, it will never last long.
there comes the decision to get a new one.
went Carrefour, got disappointed that they don't sell those wardrobe that are D.I.Y.
we want a wardrobe that we can fix and unfix it ourselves.
it's much easier to carry when it comes to shifting.
ended up we head down to Mydin in MITC.
sounds far from town.
but we have to, since we are left with no choice.
i was actually so impressed with the Malay workers in Mydin.
perhaps i should mean only 3 of them, not all.
3 Malay guys are so kind and helpful,
help us with the 38kg wardrobe.
i appreciate their help so much.
thank you guys.
it seems that not all Malays are lazy and part of them needs some respect.
that's the way,
helping one and another regardless of race.
1Malaysia huh?
let's see how long it can last.
but still, i was impressed by the 3 guys.

this is the wardrobe, 90% done.

it's not easy to fix this wardrobe.
it's damn effing heavy!!
i can't carry them myself.
it was tiring but fun.
at least i learned something new today.
although i ain't a carpenter, in fact, fixing such stuff taught me some carpentry skills.
we have fun fixing it together!!

as I expected,
England will not last long in this year's World Cup.
and it's proven.
after a devastating performance against the Germans,
who eventually turns out to be a very strong opponents for the Three Lions,
beating them 4 goals to 1.
a great great game.
Rooney and Co., once again, fail to perform,
now they have to pack and get home.
hoping not to get a very hostile reception from their nation's fans.

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Friday, June 25, 2010 @ 11:44:00 PM

it's 25th of June 2010.
a year had passed,
today's the day, last year
our beloved King of Pop lost his life.
it's his 1 year death anniversary.
paying my full respect to this wonderful person.
can't believe that it's been a year since we lost the greatest person on Earth.
honestly, i still can't accept the fact that he's gone.
we all love him, that's for sure.
all the radio stations have been playing his songs again and again for the whole day.
in fact, i hear them till i get bored with it.
rest in peace Mr Jackson.

spent almost 4 hours playing futsal this afternoon with my coursemates.
that's the first time i actually played so long.
if not because there's a big damage towards my futsal shoe,
i think we will continue playing longer.
hopefully we can play every Friday after our lecture class.
this would be the last semester being together.
it's vital that we spent good times together.
i don't want to start regretting for not making use of my uni life once i graduated.

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Thursday, June 24, 2010 @ 11:54:00 PM

it's another friend of mine who's turning 22 today.
Happy Birthday to Chin Fong aka Ms June.
sorry for not attending your birthday celebration,
cos i had appointments with my friends.
appointments made earlier.
but i'm sure you had lotsa lotsa lotsa fun tonight.
happy turning 1 year older.
join the old folks group.

went to watch Toy Story 3 with sweetie, Jeffrey, Elaine and Ay Shuen.
the 5 of us.
had dinner together before heading for the movie.
supposedly, Steamboat Porridge for dinner,
too bad. it's close today.
opted for Bak Kut Teh, next to the shop.
movie was awesome.
lots of laughter, joy and some touching moments.
it just brings much awareness to us,
that toys do have feelings.
feelings that we never know.
so whatever it is, how bad mood you're,
never harm, torture or even abandon your toys.
try imagining this.
how does it feels to get abandon by your owner after being his toy since his childhood?
saddening huh?
toys do have feelings, in their own ways.
what we can do is to appreciate everything we have.
lets not take things for granted.
one may argue that toys are not human beings.
fine! treat your friends, family, and even animals the way how you want to be treated.
show more love and concern towards them.
you will be bliss to know that, someday when you're in need of help,
they might be the one to give a helping hand.
it's better to have more friends than foe.
i've learned something from the movie.
be appreciative.
learn to love and be with each other,
especially your families.

i'm still deciding whether or not to watch the 2.30am game later.
tomorrow will be jam packed day for me.
class at 11, futsal at 1230 till unlimited time.
replacement class at 5.
doubt that i can last till my replacement class, since that
i won't be having enough of sleep, secondly, i will be 3/4 dead after futsal tomorrow.
what a life man!!

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Wednesday, June 23, 2010 @ 10:51:00 PM

Happy Birthday to my dearest buddy,
Harkrishan Singh Sidhu.
Turning 22 on the 23rd June 2010,
someone who shares the same birth date as me,
falls on the 23rd.
eventually, i have 11 friends whose birthday falls on the 23 of the month,
except for 23rd of April,
which is my birthday.
okie this friend of mine, we love calling him Haku or Singh,
because his name is freaking long to pronounce them.
short forms always help.
still remember when we were back in primary school.
he's this lil pampered kid.
his mum will be in school before our recess, and feed him with breakfast.
his mum will be there, everyday without fail.
and when it comes to his birthday every year, those who are in same class with him will be like so damn lucky.
there will be a birthday party for the whole class,
he will either order MCD or A&W for the whole class,
even most of the teachers got the meals for free.
it's like amazing.
birthday parties in class each and every year, comes the 23rd of June.
for those who are his best friends,
he will invite us to his house for 2nd round birthday party combo.
this time it's different.
no MCD and no A&W. it's pizza.
still remembered how we used to play football together or go cycling together,
before head back to his house for dinner,
and then stay there for the night, playing playstation.
at that moment, among all of us, he's the only one who has all the latest gadgets.
cos he's freaking rich!!
this friend of mine, has change to another person.
today, if you were to ask me how frequent do we hang out, chat or even msn,
i can tell you, not at all.
he mixes with his gangs of Indians,
futsal together, clubbings, yum cha till late night.
i even heard from one of my friend that his sleeping time has changed.
he will sleep at 7 in the morning.
i just hope everything will be fine for him, and wishes him all the best in his life.
a friend in need, i'm always there.
Happy Birthday Haku!! =)

back to uni life.
oh great!
talking about it make me pissed off.
the reason why me and few of my friends taking Production and Operation Management (BPO)
is because it's more to a theory subject than calculation.
today's lecture, lecturer told us that for our final paper,
3/4 of the questions are calculations questions.
damn it.
if i were to know this were to be the situation,
might as well i take Financial Statement Analysis.
it's like so unfair.
a theory subject will be tested more in calculations.
damn fed up with the lecturer, and the way he teaches is so sickening.
totally changed my perceptions towards him.
i dislike him at the moment.
if i don't get an A for his subject, i will be like cursing?
oh my god!!

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Tuesday, June 22, 2010 @ 10:54:00 PM

it will be surprise to all that Mr.Avis actually hates rainy days.
to be honest, with my sincere heart, i love rainy days.
i just dislike it when it rains at the wrong time,
especially when it rains heavily early in the morning,
disrupting me from attending my 8am classes.
i was so motivated to attend morning classes since the semester started.
twice i failed to attend due to heavy downpour.
i actually went to be early last night,
cos this morning i have 8am class,
eventually, my plan canceled and i continued my sleep till 9.
so please, for goodness sake, rain when we're about to go to bed, and stop when it's time for the sun to rise.

instead of 7 hours of classes today,
i only attended 5.
got to attend the another group of lecture class tomorrow for my replacement.
thank goodness there's another group.
but for tomorrow, regardless of heavy downpour or twister or tornado,
i gonna force myself to attend class cos Ms. Marianne is so gonna give us a pop quiz.
hopefully it's an open book quiz.
cos i ain't studying right now.
i'm busy blogging and watching football.
as usual, it's the World Cup month.

had durian again today.
asked dad to buy them yesterday,
due to some low quality of durians yesterday,
the durian uncle actually gave my dad only 1 durian for free,
and i ate them all.
today dad bought 4 from that kind uncle,
finally i can eat as much as i like.
not too much, or else i will get bed-ridden for days due to high fever.

gonna take a look at my lecture notes before i go to bed.
wish me luck for my pop quiz tomorrow.
i doubt it will be that difficult after all.
nite peeps!!

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Monday, June 21, 2010 @ 11:31:00 PM

what a rout.
North Korea got slaughtered, demolished, trashed by Portugal,
7 goals to nil.
can't believe it.
i was condemning C. Ron for not performing up to his standard since the World Cup started.
moments later, Portugal led by a goal to nil.
the trashing all came during second half.
thank goodness that C. Ron got himself a goal,
or else it will be a real shame, not to see his name on the score sheet when his country created a history in their ever World Cup participation by winning with a 7 goals margin.
all smiles on the Portugal's faces, but it's quite a pity for North Korea.
a valuable experience for them.
hopefully we will see them again in 4 years time.

okie. enough about football.
Tuesday is coming, in minutes time.
oh great, i freaking hate Tuesday.
7 hours of classes.
bet that i will be half dead comes lunch time,
and still presentation at 2pm.
hopefully everything goes well tomorrow.
god bless me.
i tried doing Corporate Accounting II tutorial this afternoon.
i will go mad by seeing the questions.
Lecturer told us he teaches the easiest chapters first, followed by the tough ones.
I can't even handle the first chapter, presumably the easiest one,
how am I suppose to go through the remaining ones?
i hate Corporate Accounting like before.
forever the killer subjects.

gonna head to bed in a short while.
have to force myself to wake up at 6.30am tomorrow.

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@ 3:00:00 AM

"Henry James once defined life as that predicament which precedes death, and certainly nobody owes you a debt of honor or gratitude for getting him into that predicament. But a child does owe his father a debt, if Dad, having gotten him into this peck of trouble, takes off his coat and buckles down to the job of showing his son how best to crash through it."

it's Father's Day.
Happy Father's Day to my dearest dad.
as far as I remembered, since I was born, my dad never beats me before, regardless of how naughty i was when i was a kid.
he only yelled at me once for playing ball in the car porch and i accidentally broke the flower pot.
one yell and he still lives in regret for that incident.
dad has always been the one who tries to satisfy me, ensure that i get good education and gets me anything i've demanded for.
thanks a lot dad. i really appreciate every lil thing you did for me.
dad has always been the one there for me,
guiding me thru all the obstacles i faced since i was young,
till today, where i'm almost upon my graduation.
i love you DADDY!

another Awesome day!
Happy 1 year and 5 months anniversary baby!
it falls on the same day as Father's Day.
soon, it's gonna be our 1 and half year anni.
can't wait for it.
yeah, true enough. we went through some tough hurdles,
but going through together just makes our relationship stronger.
sharing and communication has always been the key to our relationship.
Love you baby!!
hope to see more happening + happy days ahead of us.

i'm currently watching the Brazil vs the Ivory coast game.
not really into the game, cos i'm busy blogging here.
recall what i did during the day.
i spent 3 hours + gaming. I can't believe i actually spent so long.
wasted so much time on gaming,
that I actually throw my tutorials aside.
seems like later on during the day i need to do my tutorials and get ready for my presentation.
damn taxation presentation.
bet that Ms Lim Kwee Peng gonna questions us like for 1023524261 times.
she's such a busy body!!

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Blogspot still the best?
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Sunday, June 20, 2010 @ 2:33:00 AM

i used to use blogspot before i shifted my blog to wordpress.
after few trials, I realized that blogspot is simpler when it comes to blogging.
Wordpress has way too many functions, but its complicated.
so I've decided to get back to blogspot and continue with my blogging life.
as usual, no promises that I will blog everyday, but i will try.

I spent my whole Saturday doing nothing interesting,
sleeping, gaming, playing futsal and doing my darn taxation assignment + presentation.
first out of five presentation coming up next Tuesday.
never gonna like Mdm Lim Kwee Peng, for like the entire of my life.
dislike her since she taught us Professional Ethics.
i don't think that she teaches us in a proper manner,
and she is so demanding, asking non-sensical questions at times.
got to present about the 10th Malaysia Plan 2010.
its like so effing difficult to find sources/articles that are relevant to it.
spend hours there searching for articles on trade deficits.
tough topic, but i learned something,
something that not many people know about Malaysia's economy.
realized that all the facts about Malaysia's economy and budgets are nothing but bullshits.
talking about providing the best for the public,
i doubt so.
if you carefully interpret and analyze the budget 2010 and 10th Malaysia Plan
you will realize that the public will suffer more from it,
especially the subsidies.
ain't gonna talk more about it.
it's nothing concerning me yet.
moreover there's nothing we as the public can do anything about it, except for complaining among ourselves.

celebrated Father's day today,
instead of tomorrow.
dad wants to avoid the massive human-jam at restaurants tomorrow.
for sure most of them will celebrate on the actual day.
somehow, it's the same regardless of when you celebrate it.
wishing my lovely dad, Happy Father's Day.
thanks for everything you've given to me,
and without you, i won't be able to celebrate Father's day with you.
i love you Daddy! =)

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@ 1:01:00 AM

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Saturday, June 19, 2010 @ 1:51:00 AM

it's good to see you again. it has been quite some time since i last see you in person, and talk to you directly. everything seems perfect for you and i'm glad. after all, the connection between us has not been that strong over the years, but i'm still glad, very glad that i met you today. it's Weekend again. the end of week 2, my last semester. can i just put a full stop or pause the time for a moment? i'm left with 12 weeks. i don't want to end my university life that soon. everyday i step into campus, i have the strong feeling that i will, someday miss all my friends + my university. in fact, i've started missing some of my friends, those that had graduated and those that are currently doing their internship. i don't seem to have much friends now in MMu, as most of them are out. too many juniors, too many new faces, and too less friends. it's so awkward to walk in campus knowing that you have limited friends, unlike how it used to be. sigh. hope all my friends out there are doing well, having the same feeling like how i felt. we miss each other. =(

went out with Dre, to Jonker. it was our first time watching football together, ever since World Cup started. perhaps, it's more to a yum cha gathering rather than watching football. realize that we hardly hang out since the world are busy watching tv's at night. that's life. when you have something new, you tend to ignore the old ones. trying my best not to ignore the old one, but keeping the old ones in the active list. gonna watch the England match later, all by myself. hopefully i can last till the last minute of the match. have the habit to doze off half way thru the game. it must be the reason that i'm old, brain can't function properly and so is my body. i'm cheering for England to win, please, at least to make your country qualify for the Round 16. don't disappoint us again.

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Tuesday nightmare
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Tuesday, June 15, 2010 @ 6:47:00 AM

Each and every adults/students who have to wake up like sooo early on Monday morning after a long + wonderful weekend, there tends to be this Monday blue syndrome for them. Not for me, but i would consider myself to have Tuesday nightmare. since Monday is a holiday for me cos i have no class at all, i begin my week on Tuesday @ 8am, same goes to Wednesday and Thursday. 3 days of 8am classes is a real torture. At the moment, i still have the urge to wake up before the sun rises, but i wonder how long can this last. I'm sure it will not last till the end of week 14. its only week 2 and i already started to dislike the day Tuesday. i might have phobia when i hear people telling me it's Tuesday. a total of 3 hours of lecture class and 4 hours of different tutorials. gosh. i spent the whole of my Tuesday in campus, from 8am till 6pm. as if i've started my working life. lolx. the boredom in between classes are the one that freaks me out. i have no idea where to go and what should i do. not many friends left in MMu, most of them graduated and some are doing their intern, it's only me and Wei Ling, the two dumbo slacking around in campus, waiting for time to just tick and tock and tick and tock. i hate Tuesday!! at least Wednesday and Thursday aren't that bad.

it's 2.42am. i actually stop blogging half way just to get my 2 hours + sleep. now i'm back blogging. i was blogging half way, only to realize that it's 12am. so i put a full stop here and get to bed. i'm up to watch the Brazil vs North Korea game even though i have 8am class later. hopefully this time round, Brazil don't disappoint me, so that i won't feel i wasted my sleeping time. Sunday is Papa's day, and i'm still yet to go shopping to get a gift for my dad. had been running out of ideas for quite some time. each time i need to get a present for my dad, nothing appears in my mind. sobx. need to crack my head real deeply again this time. hopefully santa just drop me an idea to help me sort things out. ^^

oh btw, i'm so looking forward for tomorrow @ Rachael the moo.. she's bringing camera to class, and it's time for us to camwhore!! nitez peeps

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Monday blue
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Monday, June 14, 2010 @ 1:26:00 AM

Goodmorning peeps. It's Monday. No updates from me yesterday, because i was pretty tired about everything, so i had an early night off. A lil bit surprise that i eventually went to bed much earlier on a World Cup day, but yeah, i still woke up at 2.30am to catch up with the Germany vs Australia game. I'm sure everyone will be facing the Monday blue syndrome, especially my family members, who went out to work early in the morning. Not for me. Monday has been an exceptional for me for quite some time. It seems like i don't have classes every Monday, since like from previous x3 semester. This would be my last time I won't have classes on Monday. The next thing you know when my semester comes to an end will be when i start involving myself in to the working life. By then, i will have Monday blueeee too, and OT at night. gosh. I have dual feelings in me now. Part of me seriously can't wait for my internship to begin, and the other part of me knows how tough its gonna be. What a big dilemma. Should time pass faster so that i will end my uni life and start a new beginning in working life?

2 tutorials to be completed, at least 1 by today. i'm that lazy that i even printed out that questions paper and just dumped it on my study table. now the tutorial questions are left untouched. lolx. i want to do it, but to make my brain function in order to answer those non-sensical questions makes me look stupid. i hate tutorial classes, honestly. an hour sitting in the tutorial room, with such lousy tables + chairs, and tutors are like pointing at students to answer the question, just makes me so sick about it. thank god this will be my last semester having tutorial classes. btw, Advanced taxation has 5 presentations for us. DAMN!! perhaps maybe after taking my breakfast, oh yeah!! Ba Chang.. yummy. thanks to the auntie from my neighbor for giving me 6 Ba Changs. maybe, maybe the Ba Chang will motivate me to do my tutorial later on.. We shall seeeeee..

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boring Weekend
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Saturday, June 12, 2010 @ 7:48:00 PM

Saturday. the first weekend of my last semester, which is also the 2nd day of World Cup 2010. saw lots of posts in facebook, mostly from girls, complaining about how much World Cup affecting their daily routines. it's no surprise that guys will be like busy watching football matches, ignoring girls, especially the time hanging out together with them. you just can't blame guys, this is like the biggest event of the year, and they've waited for like 4 long years just to watch this competition. somehow, even with or without the World Cup, i will still go for shopping if there is sales.

Finally the lcd flat screen arrived at my door step. the tv delayed till today, and the purpose of me asking my dad to get a new tv is meant for watching world cup, and as usual, Malays are never on time, and they do not keep their promises. I repeat, they don't keep their promises. Damn. I spent like almost an hour sitting in front of the tv set trying to adjust all the settings, but i still can't find a way to make it looks more clearer, exactly like the high definition mode. so frustrated with it. sigh. so gonna call the sales-person tomorrow to adjust the setting for me.

As usual, England's keepers are cursed. Not once, but it simply just repeat again and again. all England keepers are famous of their howlers and blunders. It's the World Cup and yet Robert Green committed a big blunder to give USA an equalizer. so sick of the blunders. this would be my 3rd match of the day. for sure my eye balls will soon drop out if i continue watching all the matches everyday. >.<"

gonna go shopping with family tomorrow. 70% sales in Padini and i'm gonna get myself at least 2 long sleeved shirt, i try. =) and not forgetting, it's my turn to step into the cinema and watch Karate Kid. i must be the last one to watch it.

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Fri the Fly-day
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Friday, June 11, 2010 @ 2:15:00 AM

i only had not more than 5 hours of sleep last night as i woke up pretty early, just to play futsal with my Accounting classmates. even though i was like half dead this morning, yet the urge to play futsal, the spirit of playing with my classmates just gave me the strength to get myself up from the bed, drive all the way to Sports Planet in Cheng. Eventually, it's worth waking up so early, cos i had lots of fun today. We played for almost 2 hours, with only 10 players. Never thought it would be that fun, but it ended up very enjoyable, yet tiring. Hopefully we get to play every week after our CA2 class. This should be the last semester we play together before all of us move towards our own direction, in persuading our own career.

apparently, it's 2.15am now. honestly, i'm freaking tired and my eyes are about to shut. trying my best to make myself awake cos i just want to watch the Uruguay vs France game. this should be a great match, compared to the Africa vs Mexico game. it wasn't that bad after all, it was pretty interesting, but i assume the Uruguay vs France match will be more tense. i was quite disappointed with the FIFA World Cup 2010 opening ceremony this time round. it's so simple and dull. didn't quite enjoy it. let's pray hard for a better closing ceremony come 31 days time.

the clocking is ticking so slow. i'm tired of waiting.. argggggghhh.. time please, move faster! or i will be fishing round..snoozee..

p/s. i'm backing for a win to Uruguay..hooray!!

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2010 World Cup Kick Off Concert
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Thursday, June 10, 2010 @ 2:14:00 AM

It's 2.14am and I'm still wide awake, blogging + watching the 2010 World Cup Kick Off Concert live on tv. Cool. The feeling of being in South Africa just gets nearer and nearer as World Cup 2010 is approaching, in less than 24 hours time. Can't wait for the opening ceremony, accompanied by the first kick off for the long waited 4 years once World Cup, this year in Africa. This month will be darn busy for me, busy watching football matches. Hopefully I'm able to watch all the 64 live matches. I've been waiting for this for quite some time, so I ain't gonna miss any moments throughout the whole 1 month of football. Guess not many of football fans out there really know there is actually a kick off concert, a day before the official World Cup kicks off.

As quoted in FIFA.com:

The first FIFA World Cup™ on the African continent may be scheduled to kick off on 11 June 2010 but the event begins in earnest the night before with the inaugural FIFA World Cup™ Kick-off Celebration Concert.

Billed as the greatest entertainment event to date in Africa, the concert will be staged at Orlando Stadium in Soweto, Johannesburg and feature musical performances by international superstars in collaboration with major African artists, as well as football legends from the past and the present, as well as celebrities from other fields.

This three-hour celebratory extravaganza, which will bring together the two universal passions of football and music before a capacity stadium audience of 30,000, will be broadcast to millions more worldwide. It is scheduled to begin at 8.00pm local time (GMT+2) on 10 June.

FIFA has selected Emmy Award-winning producer Kevin Wall and his company Control Room to organise and produce the concert. Control Room has masterminded some of the world’s biggest and most complex events, such as Live Earth 2007, which featured 150 artists performing on seven continents over the course of 24 hours to raise awareness of climate change.

“We believe sports and music transcend cultural, language and geographic barriers, and through the official FIFA World Cup Kick–off Celebration Concert, Control Room will present the sights and sounds of unity and celebration for an unforgettable, must-see experience,” said Wall.

All net proceeds from the concert will be donated to “20 Centres for 2010”, the Official Campaign of the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™, which aims to build 20 centres across Africa offering education and healthcare services as well as football training to disadvantaged communities.

“We are thrilled to have a concert of such magnitude and performing talent raise the curtain on the first FIFA World Cup on African soil,” said FIFA Secretary General Jerome Valcke. “It is testament to the universal and unifying power of football and music and will start the competition off on the right note – of celebration.

It's no surprise that Africans organized such an event a day before the kick off, in the aid to donate to "20 Centres for 2010". Education will reduce poverty among the Africans. Let us all sayyyy 1goal to help the Africans. I'm loving it..!!